Front Load Container with Ridges on the FrontPeople are always asking me, “Why do you put ridges in your containers, when most other manufacturers don’t?   On our front loader containers, they are messing up my smooth surfaces for placing our company sticker.  What’s their purpose?  Doesn’t take longer to build?”  Can I get a container without ridges?

The ridges are for strengthening the steel without adding extra weight to the container.  But mostly, the ridges make the container last longer.

In the waste hauling business, weight is important.  Haulers want to maximize the amount of material that can be contained and hauled in single loads.  If you cut down the weight of your equipment, that is your truck and/or containers, you are making more room to haul more material while staying under the legal Department of Transportation legal limits.

Hambicki’s will build containers without ridges if you prefer, but they are a standard.  If you want the ridges but also want a smooth place to put your company sticker on front loader containers, Hambicki’s will simply fill in the gap with another small piece of steel to make it smooth across the front.