Welcome to Hambicki’s Truck and Container Sales (HTCS) first blog post.   Hambicki’s is best known for manufacturing durable steel containers for the solid waste and recycling industry.   Since the Hambicki family began making containers decades ago, they have learned that building containers is as much a science as it is art. 
“You would think there isn’t much to know about building a dumpster, but we are always learning about ways to improve the building process or the durability of a container.”  says Frank Hambicki Jr.  “Our best teachers are our customers.  We always listen to them and try to make improvements so we can build the best containers possible.  But we also love the human aspect to helping a customer get exact the solution to their needs.”

In this blog page, we will share our experiences serving the solid waste and recycling industry.  There will be interesting stories and pictures to entertain and to inform.  Be sure to check back and read, you may learn something too.


Hambicki's Sign in September 2012