Just the other day a customer came into our office to buy roll-off dumpsters. I asked him, what types of roll-off containers do you need, tub-style or rectangle? He said he didn’t know and wanted to know what the difference was between the styles.

Here are the 3 Top Reasons why a Tub-Style Roll-Off Container may be better than a Rectangle Container.

1. You can ship more tub-style containers on a single truck load, saving you hundreds of dollars on freight from the manufacturing facility. For example, you can stack or “nest” the (5) 40YD tub-style roll-offs inside of each other when you remove the rear doors from their hinges so they fit on a 53’ step deck trailer. Because of the square shape of the rectangles, you can’t nest them inside of each other. You can only get (2) 40YD rectangular roll-off containers on a load.

Stacked Tub-Style Roll-Offs Ready for Shipping

Stacked Tub-Style Roll-Offs Ready for Shipping

 2. Dumping a Tub-Style Roll-Off Container is easier than the Rectangle Roll-Offs. The floor on a tub-style container is tapered, allowing gravity to aid in the material falling toward the center of the container. This makes dumping easier than the rectangle roll-off since the material gets stuck in the sides and corners.

3. Tub-Style Roll-Off Containers require less steel to build and therefore cost less to buy. Tub-style containers don’t have the ribs on the sides or the vertical uprights every 18” to 24” rectangle roll-offs typically have for support. The additional steel required for structural support could amount to a few hundred dollars more than tub-style containers.

Despite tub-style roll-off containers having these advantages over the rectangle roll-offs, your choice should be based on their application. Sometimes the heavier rectangle type roll-offs are needed for concrete and steel applications.