Slope Top Front Load Container


Standard Specifications

  • 12 or 14 Gauge Construction with Flanged Corners
  • Vertical V Groove Ridges on Front, Back and Bottom
  • Interlocking Banding on Top
  • 10 Gauge 4" x 8" Gusseted Fork Pockets
  • Fork Pockets Available on Bottom - 4 Gussetts per Pocket
  • Lid Ears to Accomodate Plastic or Steel Lids
  • Interior Coated with Automotive PrimerExterior (Including Bottom) Painted Your Choice of Color (Some Colors May Be Extra)

Optional Accessories

  • 6" Roller Bearing Swivel Casters with Grease Fittings (450 lb. Capacity Each)
  • 10 Gauge Caster Plates with Flange for Strength
  • Lid Holders to Hold Lids Open

Front Load Slope Top Container Dimensions

Hambicki's slope top container is the most popular container for business. With the large 6 and 8 yard capacity, waste haulers don't have to empty as frequently as with smaller containers. The container is still user friendly with the low top for easy disposal.

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