Flat Top With Side Access Container

Standard Specifications

  • 12 or 14 Gauge Construction with Flanged Corners
  • Vertical V Groove Ridges on Front, Back and Bottom
  • Interlocking Banding on Top
  • 10 Gauge 4" x 8" Gusseted Fork Pockets
  • Fork Pockets Available on Bottom - 4 Gussetts per Pocket
  • Lid Ears to Accomodate Plastic or Steel Lids
  • Interior Coated with Automotive PrimerExterior (Including Bottom) Painted Your Choice of Color (Some Colors May Be Extra)

Optional Accessories

  • 6" Roller Bearing Swivel Casters with Grease Fittings (450 lb. Capacity Each)
  • 10 Gauge Caster Plates with Flange for Strength

Front Load Flat top with Side Access


If you need the convenience of a side door without losing the benefit of a large capacity container, the front load flat top dumpster with side door access is for you. Popular applications include parks, apartments and locations where families need an easy way to dispose of solid waste.

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