In the middle of South Phoenix, Arizona at 2630 West Broadway Road resides Hambicki’s Truck and Container Sales. You’ll find a Metal Center truck delivering steel at least 2-3 times per week, not to mention the countless trips Frank Sr., Frank Jr. and Duane Hambicki make to the Metal Center Warehouse in order to keep up with their booming industry. As of April 30th, the Hambicki boys have sheared, formed and sawed their way through over 2 million pounds of steel to fulfill their new container orders. Utilizing the heads and tails of the Metal Center’s hot roll sheet coils has proven to be a win- win for both parties.

The stead rise in numbers of recycling and trash companies have proven without a doubt that steel container sales will continue to rise throughout 2013. Hambicki’s fabrication shop houses a single band saw, two shears and two press brakes. It may not look like much, but when push comes to shove you can’t imagine how efficiently their shop burns through steel.

The Hambicki’s container product line range in size from 40 yard roll offs, to 3’ x 3’ hoppers to meet the needs of any company’s recycling and trash needs. Their local customers include such prominent names as Waste Management, Republic Waste Services, Metal Management, SA Recycling, US Waste and the City of Phoenix.

With the green initiative on everyone’s agenda, you can safely bet the Hambicki’s will have plenty of steel boxes to build over the coming years.