At the end of each work day, are your workers washing out ready mix concrete trucks and small hand tools before it hardens?  Are they properly containing the harmful washout water?  You don’t want to let them destroy your equipment or the environment?  Do you?

Concrete is Toxic
Did you know that the process of making the concrete material accounts for 5% of global emissions of carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming.  It’s a mixture of limestone, and clay containing oxides of calcium, aluminum, silicon and other metals that have been heated and crushed.  When it’s mixed with water, a chemical reaction occurs which creates a glue-like substance that binds everything together making concrete.  If this glue-like reaction occurs with water, then how do you safely wash your equipment?

Best Practices for Washout
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends you use a durable, water-tight containment system for the proper cleanup of concrete materials.  Hambicki’s makes two types of re-usable washout containers for collecting and retaining all the toxic washout water and solids for proper disposal or recycling.  The type really depends on your specific application needs and what equipment you have for move and transporting.  Both are available for purchase from Hambicki’s at the lowest prices.  You can save money from having to rent washout equipment while saving the environment.

Roll-Off Washout Container
If your company already has a roll-off truck, then you will want to invest in a roll-off washout container.  This container has a large capacity for holding concrete material from multiple mixer or pumper trucks.  Just drop this off at a construction site, apply your favorite lubricant to keep the concrete from sticking to the bottom and you have an instant washout station for your concrete trucks and equipment.

Roll-Off Concrete Washout Container

Roll-Off Concrete Washout Container can Hold Concrete from Multiple Mixers or Pumps

At the end of the day, after all the equipment and tools have been washed out into the roll-off washout container, it doesn’t take long for the concrete to harden into a solid for easy handing.   Now you are ready to take the concrete to a landfill or a recycling plant.

Washout Pan

Washout Pan If your concrete company doesn’t have a roll-off truck and is paying a lot of money renting washout pans, consider buying your own from Hambicki’s.  Hambicki’s is the only manufacturer that sells concrete washout pans to the public.  Made of heavy 7 gauge steel, pans are designed to be picked up with a forklift or crane truck not a roll-off truck.  Each pan can be made to your size and specifications.  Water-tight lids are not required but are available.

The washout pan fits most construction companies budgets is a clean solution to a potentially messy problem.Washout pans are smaller and easily stacked and transported to various job sites.

The pans are fitted with heavy-duty fork pockets on the bottom and eye hooks on each corner if you have a crane truck.  The hooks are nice for stacking the containers inside of eachother.

The water-tight lids are heavy and are designed to be moved with a fork truck or a crane-truck.  Hambicki’s also makes a light-weight lid that is water-tight but light enough for a couple of worker to move by hand.  This lid is becoming the more popular that the heavier lid.

Hambicki's 3YD Concrete Washout Pan

Hambicki's 3YD Concrete Washout Pan