Your success on buying roll-off containers hinged knowing where to buy them.

Imagine you are so excited you just landed a long-term contract to haul solid waste for a major company in your area.  You can’t wait to cut the celebration cake back at the office, when you realize all of your roll-off containers are placed at jobsites.  You need to find roll-off containers fast or you may forfeit the new contract.  Your body fills with panic!  Where are we going to find the roll-off containers we need for this job?  We need to place them at the jobsite in two and half weeks or we may have to call the customer and tell them we have to make other arrangements?  That’s not a good way to start a long-term hauling relationship…

You pull yourself together and think about your options.  Here are your options:

  • Order new roll-off containers immediately so they will be delivered from the manufacturer before your hauling contract begins.  This may seem like the obvious answer, but roll-off containers are massive boxes made of sheets of steel that has to ordered, cut, and built by hand.  This process can take a week alone if your manufacturer were only building your roll-off containers.  Infact, roll-off container manufacturers require not weeks, but months to deliver finished roll-offs from the day you create your order.  Large roll-off container manufacturers favor the larger orders and put those in front of the smaller orders.   You may also feel like you are being put on the back burner when dealing with the sales representatives at the big roll-off container manufacturers.
  • Find a used roll-off container.  It’s not easy to find used roll-off containers in good condition.  If you can find one you like, you still have to factor in the time and money required to pick it up from where ever it’s located.  The weather isn’t kind to steel roll-off containers.  You won’t want to put your company name on the side of a used roll-off container.  The money you spend on picking it up, re-pairing and repainting a used roll-off container, you may as well buy a brand new roll-off.
  • Borrow a container from another hauler.  Like your hauling business, other solid waste and recycling haulers don’t have containers sitting idle in their yards waiting to be placed.  If you do find a one you can borrow, it may be the wrong size, color and worse yet; it may have another companies name and phone number on the side.

What can you do if you need roll-off containers quickly?  Contact Hambicki’s Truck and Container Sales, Inc.  The Hambicki family has been in involved in almost every aspect of the waste and recycling business for the past 4 decades.  You can rest assured that they will be empathetic to your needs in the solid waste hauling business.  If you order roll-off containers from Hambicki’s, they can work with you to get them to you when you need them in most cases.

The 2-3 week turn-around time to build the container and deliver is not a problem, even if you are located in Utah, New Mexico, Texas, California, Montana, Oklahoma, Idaho or anywhere else in the United States.  Hambicki’s has an excellent freight manager than can pull off miracle delivery times for those heavy, awkward containers that sometime can be costly to ship.  Hambicki’s has the lowest freight for shipping roll-off containers.

Your solution for getting roll-off containers built on short notice is Hambicki’s.