If it’s time to change out your old containers with new it’s time to look at Hambicki containers.  They’re built strong to last.  They use a variety of steel thicknesses.  You can replace old containers with new using your specifications or choose from the standard sizes they have.  Hambicki side loaders can be built to fit your trucks with optional accessories such as 6″ roller bearing swivel casters with grease fittings, 10 gauge caster plates with flange for strength and lid holders to hold lids open.

Hambicki has rear load and front load containers designed to last.

The self dumping tilt hoppers are constructed of heavy duty 10 gauge steel and 3″ construction grade channels.  They have added stability during transportation and dumping. The new stable flat top front load containers are good for industrial applications. It holds construction material and several at once can be hauled to job sites. The slope top front load container is user friendly and is most popular for business use. Flat top with side access has a convent side door and is popular for parks, apartments and where families need to be able to dispose of solid waste. The durable scrap recycling container holds up to stacking, moving and dumping with rotating fork lifts. Hambicki washout pans are water tight for harmful concrete material containment.

Hambicki also makes trainable containers to your specs. Front load cardboard recyclers has a front panel that can be locked or unlocked to fit large or small cardboard or paper. The rectangular roll-off container comes in various sizes and steel thicknesses. Tub type roll-off containers are popular in commercial use for construction and scrap metal recycling. The roll-off compactor receiver container can haul more trash with fewer trips, good for high volume waste applications such as industrial sites and waste transfer facilities. The roll-off tub-type with grapple cut-out container are modified so a grapple boom on a grapple truck will clear the sides of the container. Hambicki roll-off concrete washout containers are used for the containment of harmful concrete material. They are simple and effective. For a lockable solution to prevent unauthorized dumping you should consider Hambicki’s roll-off tub-type container with rolling lid. Keep contents dry and secure with a rolling steel lid with the rectangular roll-top. The roll-off recycler is mostly used for recycling but can be used for solid waste. Internal dividers can be used for separating materials into compartments. You can choose plastic or lockable steel lids. The container can be made water tight.