Imagine that you are building a house and need to clean up the construciton debris spread all over the construction site and dump it into a larger roll-off dumpster to be hauled away.  You quickly fill up a front loader container, but realize you have no way of getting the debris out of the front load container into the big roll-off dumpster. Eventhough the front load container has fork pockets on the bottom, your forklift doesn’t have rotating forks to turn the container up-side-down to dump the debris.  The Purchasing Department wanted to save money by not adding rotating forks for an  extra $2500.

So what are you to do?   How can you avoid risking hurting yourself throwing every piece of trash over the 8 foot sides of the container?  It’s just not practical!

The answer is to use a self-dumping tilt hopper to load the debris and easily dump into the larger Roll-Off Container simply by lifting the container over the Roll-Off dumpster with a forklift and pulling the quick-release rope to dump contents into the Roll-Off Dumpster.

Self-Dumping Tilt Hopper Dumpsters Save Money by:

  1. No Having to Buy a Forklift with Rotating Forks to Dump
  2. Not having to throw debris over the side of a Roll-Off Dumpster
  3. Not having to invest in a self-dumping truck

Hambicki’s sells Self-Dumping Tilt Hopper Container is 1YD – 4YD sizes.

Hambicki's Self-Dumping Tilt Hopper

Hambicki's Self-Dumping Tilt Hopper Dumpster