Did you know concrete is toxic!  It’s a mixture of clay and chemicals that turns into a glue-like substance when water is added.  If your local construcion site doesn’t properly contain the left over concrete, it can get into the ground water and possibly cause your family to have health problems. What is being done to make sure our families are safe? The Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government agency that is makes sure our communities are safe and free of harmful chemicals.  They recommend using water-tught, steel washout containers for the proper disposal or recycling of toxic concrete materials.

Here’s why Concrete Washout Containers are good for everyone:

Reason 1: Steel washout containers are reusable.

Reasong 2:  Prevent Toxic substances from getting in to ground water

Reasong 3: Perfect containment system for recycling concrete.   The process of making concrete causes alot of pollution.

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