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Solid Waste & Recycling Equipment


Description: Hambicki's solid waste front load containers are designed to last.

Description: Hambicki's Rectangular Roll-Off Containers are solid and made to last. Choose from various sizes and steel thickness to fit your specific application.

Description: The benefits of tub containers over their counterpart the "rectangles" are; they are nestable for shipping more on a truck from the manufacturer, require less steel to build but have the same capacities and are sometimes easier to unload. Popular applications are mostly commercial, such as construction and scrap metal recycling.

Description: Hambicki’s Self-Dumping Tilt Hopper dumps when pressure is applied to front of the hopper and the locking mechanism is released. Hopper returns to an upright and locked position after it dumps when pressure is applied to the front of the hopper.

Description: Front load flat top dumpsters are good for industrial applications. No need to worry about lids on this container. This is a solid container that can hold alot of construction material. Built to nest inside of eachother, you can haul several at a time out to job sites.

Description: Hambicki's slope top container is the most popular container for business. With the large 6 and 8 yard capacity, waste haulers don't have to empty as frequently as with smaller containers. The container is still user friendly with the low top for easy disposal.

Description: If you need the convenience of a side door without losing the benefit of a large capacity container, the front load flat top dumpster with side door access is for you. Popular applications include parks, apartments and locations where families need an easy way to dispose of solid waste.

Description: This Compactor Receiver box has an octagon design with a "narrow nose,” which promotes maximum compaction density and payload from your compactor. You can haul more trash with fewer trips. Perfect for use with stationary waste compactors, these packer/receiver boxes are often specified for the demanding requirements of high volume waste applications such as industrial sites and waste transfer facilities.

Description: Made with the same quality workmanship as Hambicki's Tub-Style Roll-Off containers, these are modified so a grapple boom on a grapple truck will clear the sides of the container.

Description: The most durable scrap recycling container for the money. Hambicki's are built to holdup to stacking, moving and dumping with rotating fork-lifts.

Description: Hambicki's roll-off, washout containers are made for the containment of harmful, concrete material. Whether you are washing out your own equipment or washout is your business, these containers are simple, effective and affordable.

Description: Hambicki' washout pans are made water-tight for the proper containment of harmful concrete material.

Description: If you need a lockable solution for preventing unauthorized dumping or just to keep snow and rain out, consider adding a rolling steel lid to your container. Lids are made of strong but light weight 12 gauge steel for easy rolling open and close. Lids are available on both rectangle and tub-style roll-off containers.

Description: Hambicki's will build side loader containers to fit your trucks specifications

Description: Prevent un-authorized dumping or keep the contents of your container dry and secure with a rolling steel lid.

Description: This container is mostly used for recycling but has been used for solid waste applications. It can be made with internal dividers for keeping material separated in thier own compartments. The lid is low for easy access. You can choose between plastic or lockable steel lids. The entire container can be made water-tight for keeping liquids contained.

Description: Do you have a need for containers that you can easily attach to each other and pull like a "train," for easy drop off and collection? Hambicki's makes "trainable," containers to your specifications.

Description: Hambicki's rear load container.

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